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Video Chat Checklist

  1. To Reschedule or Cancel Your Reservation

    As a courtesy to others, if you will not be available for your Video Chat Zoom session, please reschedule or cancel your reservation so others may utilize the time set aside for you. You will need your confirmation number or the email address that you entered. Click one of the following links to Cancel or Reschedule your reservation.
    View reservation with your confirmation number
    View reservation with your email address
  2. To Optimize Your Video Chat

    Make sure ahead of time that you have the ability to receive a Zoom video chat. Your camera will need to already be setup and configured on your computer. Choose an area for your video chat where you will not be interrupted and that is quiet so that both you and FLF staff may see and hear each other clearly.
  3. Remember

    The topics covered in your video chat may include general legal information, a review of your case file, if any, case status, and next steps or options to resolve your particular issue. If minor children are within listening distance, keep in mind some of the topics discussed may be inappropriate for them to hear.
  4. Reminder

    Video chats are only 15 minutes in length. If you do not answer the Zoom call placed to you by FLF staff at your appointment time, a second call will be made a few minutes later; however, your call will still end at the originally scheduled end time. If you don’t answer the second call, your appointment will be cancelled.
  5. Important

    A few minutes before your scheduled FLF video chat you will receive a request from FLF via Zoom to accept the incoming video chat. You MUST accept this Zoom request before FLF can proceed with the video chat. (For more information about how to accept this request, click here.)

    Please make sure you provide us with a working telephone number so we may call you if the video chat cannot proceed for any reason.